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Canal Sediment Removal

Project Description

Charlotte County Engineering is proposing to implement a canal maintenance program to include dredging the upland freshwater canals to reestablish the original geometry. These canals were created in the 1950’s and 1960’s and have never been maintained. The county proposes to remove the sediment layer that has accumulated over the past 60 years. We anticipate the removal of the sediment will improve the overall water quality of the canals and Charlotte Harbor. Included in this project will be to remove any obstructions to outfalls and culvert pipes within the canals to maintain positive drainage.

The county will require professional services to design and permit a sediment removal program for the upland canals in both west county and mid county. The design process will need to include determinization of access points and any right of entry needed. A species assessment report will be required to determine if there will be any species of concern to be protected, both flora and fauna.

The consultant will be required to coordinate with all necessary state, federal and local permitting agencies to obtain permits for construction. This will also include working with the FDEP on any water quality and/or sediment testing they require to use this work to count towards credits available for the TMDL/BMAP program.

Project Location

This project will include freshwater canals within the County.

Latest Updates

The Water Quality Testing Plan is nearly complete now since the approval of focusing the 21 sites for the Pre-Dredge Water Quality Testing (Task 1.31) for the current work order on the initial canal segments planned for sediment removal. Based on that decision, Havehill Waterway was removed from the initial water quality testing as it not deemed imparied.  Although Newgate in West County is not impaired either, we all agreed to stick with that canal segment since there are currently no nutrient impairments for any of the canals planned for sediment removal in that area. In Mid-County though we decided to focus on either Flamingo or Como, which are both in regions deemed by FDEP as impaired for nutrients, including the downstream waterbodies they flow into.

A few weeks ago the consultant shared with the Water Quality Manager that the water quality testing plan was being completed and that we would be able to use the 21 samples to be collected toward both Flamingo and Como, along with Newgate. Since both of those canals originate as fresh streams at Hillsborough and have outfalls to marine waters at El Jobean, Flamingo IN, Flamingo OUT, Como IN, and Como OUT have been selected as sampling locations. Although the segment of Newgate extending West from Winchester Blvd does not have a definitive outfall, Newgate @ Spinnaker Blvd was selected as a sample location. Four sampling events were planned for those five locations along with one field blank (21 samples total). The sampling events are intended to occur when Flamingo and Como are discharging along El Jobean.

The Water Quality Manager provided input and a review of the parameters to be collected for each sample. With that information and the sample locations identified, coordinatation with the lab to prepare sampling kits and a chain-of-custody was done.

On Tuesday October 12th the consultant conducted the first sampling event at each of the five sample locations while discharge was occurring from Flamingo and Como at El Jobean/776. Movement of water along Newgate at Spinnaker Blvd was slow but appeared to be from West to East, rather than East to West.

Following a rain event on Thursday October 28th, a second sampling event was conducted on Friday October 29th. Samples were collected at Flamingo IN, Como IN, Flamingo OUT, and Como OUT. Newgate was not sampled on that day.

The consultant is currrently working on the Muck Removal Process Document for review by staff and the FDEP.

The consultant took 21 sediment samples from the Como, Flamingo and Newgate Waterways last week and will prepare them for observation and analysis in order to prepare the Muck Removal Process Document. The consultant is awaiting analysis by the lab.  The lab has been having some technical issues that have delayed the analysis of the samples.

The consultant submitted the Muck Removal Process Document for review by staff and FDEP.  FDEP had many comments.  Staff is working with the consultant to do some further research as per FDEP's suggesstions.

Staff is working to develop a plan to improve the water quality of the canals that will be acceptable to FDEP and be cost effective for the county.


Phase Cost
Design $90,760.00
Funding source(s): Mid County and West County Stormwater MSBU's


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Design Development 09/23/2020 09/01/2022

Project Phase
Design Development

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Project Manager
Karen Bliss

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