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Landscape Specifications & Details

For Lift Stations, Reuse Delivery Systems and Field Disinfection Booster Stations

If landscaping is required according to Charlotte County Code, Article XVIII for a Lift Station, Reuse Delivery System, and/or a Field Disinfection Booster Station, the Utilities Department is providing an option for preparing landscaping plans that would only require review and approval by Charlotte County Utilities.

The Utilities Department has obtained Landscape Specifications for Utility Equipment and Details that can be used to prepare a landscape plan that meets Charlotte County Code. Landscaping plans for these specific facilities that are not prepared according to the Landscape Specifications for Utility Equipment and Details are subject to approval by the Utilities Department along with the appropriate Charlotte County authority (Zoning Department). Note ​​​​​that landscaping of any kind is NOT permitted within the equipment area boundary or fence line surrounding the facility.

Process for Review and Approval When Using Landscape Specifications and Details

If you are developing a property, submit the completed landscape plan along with your application for plan review (using ‘Combined Application for Plan Review and Utility Service Agreement’) and approval. If you are a consultant working for the County, submit the plan to your assigned Project Engineer for review and approval.

The Utilities Department is the holder of the Landscape Specifications for Utility Equipment document for landscaping these facilities and, therefore, only Charlotte County Utilities approval will be required for the landscape plan.

The Landscape Details are also provided and are to be used along with the Charlotte County Utilities approved landscaping plan. Additionally, the developer is responsible for coordinating all necessary inspections.

*** Important Notice ***

The Utilities Department will not maintain any landscaping on any site when completed. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and replace landscaping features as necessary in perpetuity.​

Charlotte County Code - Article XVIII

Charlotte County Code - Article XVIII, Section 3-5-408 - Type A Buffer

Landscape Details Master Permit

Landscape Specifications for Utility Equipment

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