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Alligator Creek Maintenance Dredge

Project Description

The objective of the project is to construct a maintenance dredge event along portions of the Alligator Creek access channel and main channel of the north branch. We must enter a design phase with an engineering firm first, to design, permit and included bid process assistance and construction oversight of the dredge event. This work has been requested by the MSBU Waterway Advisory Board and will be fund by the same. Since the last dredge event in 2017 and a small spot dredge of access channel in 2019, new concern has been brought to the Advisory Board and the county prompting the initiation of this contract. The channel was last surveyed in 2021 and those bathymetric results were reviewed with the AB. Those results and current allowable budget were the basis for the locations that are proposed for the future dredge event. This project is targeting shoaled in sediment above -6' @ Mean Low Water from the access channel inland north of the marina approximately 9300' of project limits and targeting roughly 3400 cubic yards of material. This project will restore depth and width of the navigated channel.

Project Location

Alligator Creek, Punta Gorda Fl

Project Impacts

Improved and safer navigation

Latest Updates

Dredge design project - Coastal Engineering has submitted permit applications to agencies for the proposed dredge project, recently receiving the FDEP permit. We still await response from ACOE. They recently submitted another request for update permit status but have not received a response yet. Florida Division of Emergency management has taken over the hurricane waterway debris removal effort and has reported to have completed the removal of debris within the Alligator Creek channel. County staff has initiated a post-storm bathymetric survey project of many MSBU maintained waterways and this includes Alligator Creek. A firm was recently selected, and field surveys are completed and the deliverables were just received and are currently under review. Hurricane Ian impacts will be quantified and reported and submitted to FEMA if they qualify and the project plan will be adjusted to include new shoaling. Update on July 12, 2024:  The project is delayed due to the backlog of permit applications at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 


Phase Cost
Engineering $76,990.00
Construction $300,000.00
Total Budget $376,990.00
Funding source(s): Alligator Creek Waterway MSBU


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 01/20/2022
Design Development 04/20/2022
Alligator Creek Maintenance Dredge Project Image

Project Phase
Planning and Project Approval

Last Updated

Project Manager
DeWayne Nodine

Public Relations
Tracy Doherty
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Public Works

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