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Apply For Contractor License

Charlotte County Code of Laws & Ordinances, Code Section 3-2-6 (a) states that it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business or act in the capacity of a contractor, or advertise as available to engage in the business, or act in the capacity of a contractor, without first obtaining a Certificate of Competency of being duly certified by the state.

Attention: If you intend on taking a local contractor examination after March 1, 2013, please be advised you will be tested under the 2010 Florida Building Code. The testing company is unable to allow Charlotte County to test under the 2007 and 2010 code at the same time. If you have already taken the examination and did not receive a passing score, make sure you retest and pass the examination PRIOR TO March 1, 2013 or you WILL be tested under the 2010 code and will be required to obtain additional testing materials such as the 2010 Florida Building Code.

License Requirements

To obtain a contractor license you are required to submit the following with your application:

  • Documentation of related experience, see "Licenses Offered by Charlotte County" below for number of years required. Documentation is to be on letterhead stationery from the employer(s), indicating the exact dates of employment, type of work and duties performed, and must be notarized.
  • If you are applying for a license under a fictitious name, provide a copy of the fictitious name recording that has been registered with the Secretary of State of Florida.
  • If the company is a corporation, provide a copy of Certificate of Incorporation, minutes indicating current officers names and titles and a Resolution of Authorization (this states that the applicant is authorized to apply for a license to qualify the corporation).
  • If a partnership, you will need to complete the Partnership Agreement Form.
  • Letters of reciprocity are accepted from the county from which the exam was taken, stating exam date, type of exam, and grade received (75% or higher is required). Letters of reciprocity must include the number of years experience submitted by the applicant prior to taking the exam. Both trade and business, and law exams are required. The exam taken MUST be the same exam Charlotte County offers. NO SUBSTITUTIONS ARE ALLOWED.
  • Copy of current picture identification such as a driver’s license with current home address shown.
  • A credit report sent directly to this office from the credit bureau on your personal credit and your business credit must be provided. If you are applying to change the company name, you will need a credit report on the old company name also.
  • A check for the application fees made out to the Charlotte County Board of County Commission (CCBCC) for the licensing period (see "Licenses Offered by Charlotte County" below for application fees). Please call 941.743.1201 if you are unsure of the amount due. This fee is non-refundable after the application is reviewed.
  • A passport type photo of yourself attached to the application.
  • An original certificate of insurance on worker's compensation showing Charlotte County Building as the certificate holder which indicates the insured's name, company name and address, and the policy number. If exempt, submit a copy of the approved worker's compensation exemption from the Department of Labor (State). Proof of insurance is not required until the application is approved. Certificate must be in the exact name of the business in which you are to qualify and must indicate that the qualifier is covered under the policy if this division is not also provided with a worker’s compensation exemption for the qualifier.
  • An original certificate of insurance stating general liability with limits of $300,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage or $300,000 combined single limit liability (State Electrical Board limits are higher) showing Charlotte County Building as the certificate holder which indicates the insured's name, company name and address, and the policy or binder number. Proof of insurance is not required until the application is approved. Certificate must be in the exact name of the business in which you are to qualify.
  • Copy of current active state registration license is required for the following trades: General, Building, Residential Contractor, Master Electrician, Master Plumber, Air Conditioning (A,B,C), Mechanical, Swim Pool (A,B,C), Roofing, Sheet Metal, Underground Utility, or Solar Energy. If you do not currently hold a state registration for the above categories, once the license has been issued by the county, the applicant must register with the Department of Business & Professional Regulations and provide Charlotte County Building with a copy of the state registered license prior to conducting business.

Local Business Tax Receipt Information

After approval and prior to the issuance of your certificate of competency, you must obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt. To obtain the Local Business Tax Receipt, please call 941.743.1350 or stop by the Tax Collector’s office in Room 241,18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte, FL. For additional information, visit their website at

Reciprocal Local Business Tax receipts for State Registered or Certified Contractors are accepted.

Licenses offered by Charlotte County

** Exams are required for all licenses EXCEPT Job Site Cleanup **

Name of License Years of Experience
Acoustical & Insulation 3 yrs. $150.00
Air Conditioning: Class A (unlimited size) 4 yrs. $200.00
Air Conditioning: Class B (size limits) 4 yrs. $200.00
Aluminum/Concrete 4 yrs. $200.00
Asphalt Paving and Coating 3 yrs. $150.00
Building Class B 4 yrs. $250.00
Building Demolition (Non-explosive) 4 yrs. $150.00
Carpentry - Structural
- Cabinet & Trim
3 yrs. $150.00
Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo & Marble 3 yrs. $150.00
Concrete/Masonry 3 yrs. $150.00
Concrete Place & Finish 3 yrs. $150.00
Door/window/garage door 3 yrs. $150.00
Drywall 3 yrs. $150.00
Electrical: Master 6 yrs. $200.00
Electrical: Journeyman 4 yrs. $50.00
Fence 3 yrs. $150.00
General Class A 4 yrs. $300.00
Glass & Glazing 3 yrs. $150.00
Grade, Fill, & Clearing 3 yrs. $150.00
Job Site Cleanup 3 yrs. $150.00
Landscaping-Commercial 3 yrs. $150.00
Lawn Irrigation 3 yrs. $150.00
Marine Construction 3 yrs. $150.00
Mechanical 4 yrs. $200.00
Painting 3 yrs. $150.00
Pile Driving 3 yrs. $150.00
Plaster, Stucco, & Spraycrete 3 yrs. $150.00
Plumbing: Master 6 yrs. $200.00
Plumbing: Journeyman (not req.) 4 yrs. $50.00
Residential Class C 4 yrs. $200.00
Roofing 4 yrs. $200.00
Sign: Non-electrical 3 yrs. $150.00
Sign: Electrical 3 yrs. $150.00
Structural Steel 3 yrs. $150.00
Swimming Pool/Spa: Water treatment and cleaning 3 yrs. $150.00
Swimming Pool/Spa: Class A-Commercial 4 yrs. $200.00
Swimming Pool/Spa: Class B-Residential 4 yrs. $200.00
Swimming Pool/Spa: Class C-Maint./Repair 4 yrs. $200.00
Underground Utility 4 yrs. $200.00

Licenses Offered by the State of Florida

  • Alarm System I
  • Alarm System II
  • Building Moving/Demolition/Explosive
  • Elevator Installation
  • Fire Extinguish-Dry
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas
  • Mobile Home Dealers & Manufacturers
  • Mobile Home Set-up
  • Pollutant Storage
  • Septic Tank (through Environmental Health)
  • Solar Systems
  • Specialty (Drywall, Specialty Structure)

Miscellaneous Licenses

  • Water Conditioner Installer (Not Licensed)
  • Well Drill (Issued by "SWFWMD")

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