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Community Services Recognition


alt textJune 2024 is Summer Camp Month. 

We recognize the vital role that summer and youth camps play in relation to good physical and mental health and enhance the quality of life for all campers. We understand the essential role that summer and youth camps play in relation to providing children safe, quality care.

Charlotte County is aware of the contributions made by the recreation industry, as represented by the Florida Recreation and Parks Association, the National Recreation and Park Association and the American Camp Association in developing safe, quality and desirable programs, allowing participants healthy places to recreate, learn and grow, build self-esteem, confidence and sense of self-worth which contributes to the quality of life in our community. Charlotte County recognizes the ongoing efforts and commitments to provide the public a quality option for school aged childcare while continuing to emphasize recreation.

Employee of the Month

alt textRoberto Santos | Senior Maintenance Worker, Community Services - Feb. 2024

Congratulations to Community Services Senior Maintenance Worker Roberto Santos for being chosen as our February 2024 Employee of the Month! Roberto started working for Community Services as a part time maintenance worker in 2014. He became a full-time maintenance worker in 2015 and was promoted to senior maintenance worker in 2018.

Roberto played a critical role in this year’s Veterans Day parade including the setup, breakdown and general support that he provided to patrons and staff throughout the event. He displays the county’s core values on a daily basis through his positive interactions with patrons, keeping our parks beautiful and pristine, staying accountable to his team, promotes positivity and friendliness, and collaborative approaches to challenges. He is an employee who goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and we are proud to have him on our team. Keep up the great work, Roberto Santos!


The Recreation division recognized five volunteers with certificates of appreciation in 2023. 

  • Sue Carman - Leading pickleball clinics at Centennial Park Recreation Center
  • Tom Ward - Leading pickeball clinics at Centennial Park Recreation Center 
  • Mary Chicoine- Tap dancing classes at Centennial Park Recreation Center 
  • Arianna Childs - Volleyball coaching and instruction at Harold Avenue Regional Park Recreation Center 
  • Tianna Childs - Volleyball coaching and instruction at Harold Avenue Regional Park Recreation Center 

Charlotte County Libraries & History recognizes several volunteers who have helped with various programs. 

Punta Gorda Charlotte Library Teen Volunteers 

  • Adrian Van Beek Vargas
  • Alena Grijalva
  • Bella Wilson
  • Catherine Burzo
  • Chris Knowles
  • Jesse Pomerantz
  • Nate Fisk
  • Nix Brooks
  • Sarrinah Safaa
  • Tivon Emidy
  • Zeena Shriteh

Englewood Charlotte Library Teen Volunteers

  • Paige Padginto
  • Sofia Gulli
  • Ambar Herde
  • Nathalie Herde

Port Charlotte Public Library Volunteers

Photo Phactory

  • Jayne Gayle
  • Elizabeth Pearsall
  • Scott Sorenson
  • David Baldrich
  • Margo Cook
  • Susan Beausang

What’s Cooking:

  • Jane McDaniel
  • Tina Beer
  • Ann Ogden

Women’s Club:

  • Sally Baker
  • Lynne Aldrovandi

Help with other programs:

  • Beth Ziegelbauer
  • Scot Shively
  • Jill Shively

Port Charlotte Public Library Teen volunteers

  • Kaylee Ziegelbauer
  • Claire Hegarty
  • Oliver Hegarty
  • Rohan Sojan
  • Roshan Sojan
  • Orianix Diaz
  • Karen Martinez Vega
  • Irene Jones
  • Joyce Powell
  • Diana Oliver

Health Fair 

  • Jon and Diane Peters

Delivering Exceptional Service

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