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Potable Water

Water Emergency

Call  941.764.4300 (there is no charge for our 24/7 response service)

Utilities staff will investigate if it is a Charlotte County Utilities or homeowner issue (a plumber will need to be called if it is a homeowner issue). If a plumber is called to the home before Charlotte County Utilities investigates, the homeowner will be responsible for the plumbing costs, even if it is found to be a Charlotte County Utilities issue. 

Set up a New Account

Have you just moved to the area, or are a new home buyer, and want to turn on your water?

If water service is already at the property, please contact us with the date the property was transferred and a copy of the Warranty Deed. We cannot set up the account until after the closing is complete.

Phone: 941.764.4300, Option 2
Fax: 941.764.4557

Request New Service

  • If the property does not yet have water service, but is already adjacent to an existing water line, it may take two to three months to install new service.
  • Check the property's proximity to existing blue water lines on our Interactive Utilities Map.
  • Note that the map of existing lines does not reflect new projects currently under construction or in design.
  • To proceed with an availability request, fill out and submit this Availability Request Form.
  • For additional questions regarding the availability request, contact or call 941.764.4300, Option 3.
  • For the status of your new service installation, contact

Returning Home 

Have you been away from your home for an extended period of time? 
It is recommended that you flush each water fixture (including showers) in your home for approximately five minutes before using. Stagnant water in your home is likely to contain higher levels of Legionella and other pathogens. 

Mandatory Status

If the property is considered a mandatory connection per Charlotte County Code Sec. 3-8-233, the owner will receive a letter once the line has been installed and certified for use. For homeowners, a mandatory connection means a potable water line exists in an easement or right-of-way that abuts the property line, and for a non-residential property it is within fifty feet of the property line.

The owner will have 365 days from the date of receipt to pay the connection fees and complete the connection to the home. If the owner does not pay the connection fees to the Utilities Department, a lien will be placed on the property and filed in the Official Records with the Clerk of Court. After the initial 365-day period, the monthly base facility charge will also begin to accrue and will appear on the bill in the next billing period. Failure to pay such charges will result in initiation of Charlotte County Utilities' delinquency process.

For additional questions, contact or call 941.764.4300, Option 3.

Connection Fee Payments

Full Payment

Mail in payments or stop by our office to pay the full amount of the utility connection fees. Paying up front will lock in the current rate and save additional time, interest and fees in the future.

Loan Financing

Property owners that have received a mandatory connection letter and cannot afford to pay the utility connection fees up front may qualify for a monthly loan. The Utilities Department requires a down payment of at least 10% of the total due, and will record a lien on the property. Monthly payments are paid for 7, 10, 15 or 20 years at an interest rate equal to the Florida Prime Rate plus 2%.

Physical Connection

Customer's Responsibility: It is your responsibility to hire a plumber to connect your home to the utility system, convert any existing potable water wells to irrigation wells, or plug and abandon existing water wells.

Once the utility connection fees have been paid, the Utilities Department will set the meter and provide a stub-out for a plumber to connect the home to the utility system. This service can take up to 90 days to complete. The plumber hired by the property owner must also convert any existing potable water wells to irrigation wells or plug and abandon existing water wells.

Please see the approved rate resolution and call Engineering Services at 941.764.4300, Option 3 to confirm the costs for the property.

FAQs about connecting to the potable water system.

Water Master Plan

Potable Water Master Plan Report

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