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Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been highly treated to make it suitable for a variety of beneficial uses.

Reclaimed water helps in the conservation of surface and groundwater, creates an alternate water source for irrigation by reducing demand on potable water, reduces the cost of landscape irrigation when it replaces potable water and beautifies our community by enhancing the appearance of landscaping

If you are interested in becoming a commercial customer of reclaimed water (bulk quantities) for your business, condominium association or golf course, please contact us at 941.764.4589 or The Utilities Department does not currently, or plan to, distribute reclaimed water to detached single family homes.

Cross Connection Control Manual

The County follows regulations set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Southwest Florida Water Management District

East Port Water Reclamation Facility
3100 Loveland Boulevard, Port Charlotte, FL 33980
Phone: 941.764.4589
Fax: 941.627.4603

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