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Future Land Use

The Future Land Use Element is the centerpiece of the Comprehensive Plan because it coordinates the central themes and information found in all of the plan's elements. Also, the FLU Data and Analysis outlines the citizens' vision for the County's future and how we intend to get there. The goals, objectives, and policies of all of the elements are meant to support the vision.

The purpose of the FLU Element is to define areas within Charlotte County that are suitable for various land use activities up to the year 2030. The FLU Element decrees where, when, and at what intensity development will occur, thereby indicating where infrastructure and services are needed.

The FLU Element establishes all the types and locations of land uses allowed in the County and the policies to guide those land uses. "Future land use" is different from "zoning." Future land use designations establish general ranges of uses that are permitted in each district, while zoning districts include a specific list of permitted uses. Future land use designations also establish a range of densities (amount of residential development per acre) and intensities (amount of non-residential development per acre) for each land use category, but do not guarantee that the maximum amount of development allowed within the district will be permitted on a specific site.

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